Monday, November 29, 2010

Flying time and my "no-poo" adventures

What do you know... I got sick for a few days, then family came into town for Thanksgiving, and now it's the end of November and I don't understand how that happened. I feel like I spent the last week stuck inside a hamster ball. I'm all disoriented and have a bizarre urge to drink from a drippy water bottle.

For all 0 of you reading this, I'm back now, and I think the next topic I'm going to tackle will be hair: a little bit about hair in general, a lot about curly hair in particular.

Here's a few things about my hair routine that will give you an idea of where I'm going with this:

  • I almost never use shampoo (once per month, if that, and that's only if I end up using a hair product that can cause buildup).
  • I make my own hair gel.
  • Diluted baking soda and diluted vinegar are my cleanser and conditioner, respectively.
For an idea of why I have chosen to do such a crazy thing, please see this insanely informative post. For those of you who would prefer to not read through all of that just now, here is a basic rundown:
  • Shampoo contains harsh and harmful chemicals such as mineral oil and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate.
  • Shampoo is a detergent which strips your hair of its naturally occurring oils, which help keep your hair healthy.
  • You truly do not need shampoo to keep your hair clean, and you can save moderately-sized bucks by going without.
Tomorrow I will begin a two-part series on green hair-care, beginning with cleansing and conditioning. Some of what I cover will apply more to those with curly hair than those without, but I will try to keep everything generally informative for all hair types.

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